Dosis. Local Coffee boutique

Valle de Bravo, Mexico


To create the identity of Dosis (Local coffee and bakery boutique) packaging, the importance of artistic expression through food was a main objective; In depth, it was found that one of the objectives of art itself is to leave a mark and transcend through time. The textures of the following proposal represent several essential elements to create art, from butter brushes, through the movement and heat of the hands, the movements of the fingers, the bowls that the coffee leaves when it comes out of the machine, among others.

Through handmade paint brushes and different textures, I created an organic and sensorial universe that within its imperfection shows us the plasticity of culinary art.

Credits — Dosis (Local coffee and bakery boutique) Valle de Bravo, Mexico city. @dosiscafemx Photo by Siebe Warmoeskerken ( Visualizations by Mockup Maison.

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