WKKM (Independent Art Campaign)

Mexico City

Branding / Art Direction / Graphic design

The word empathy begins at the moment in which we reflect ourselves with another person. In design, it is essential to create a mirror to understand the motivations and essence of a client- to see through the other’s eyes allows us to shape our own conception of things, to adapt and evolve. This brings us closer to an infinite world of creative possibilities.

The letters "WKKM" meet at the same point and are reflected to form the name of the study. The wavy shapes also bring us closer to a fluid, transparent and honest essence that is in motion. The curves of the logo speak to us of a design style that dares to break schemes, to flow and to generate new ideas without fear of experimenting.

Credits — Photos by Unplash.com. Visualizations by Mockup Maison.

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