La Capsule

France - Mexico City

Branding / Art concept / Illustration

La Cápsula is an artistic and documentary project, it is a reflection on migrants and the traces they leave behind in our spaces. The documentary follows the process of a time capsule, created by migrants of various origins who pass through Mexico City. Each deposited object is the bearer of a story, it is the testimony of a life.

This logo proposal revolves around the circle, the pieces that make up the capsule are represented and how the capsule itself does not exist without the objects. The letters / objects do not touch but intimately form a group, a community; in turn, each letter generates its own code and when put together they reveal the name of the capsule as a mystery that exists and lives in the same space.

Credits — Ayempoa en @Albergue_tochan, @la.capsula.doc, Documental Director @htennom, Photography @clementdns

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